My biography

I was born in Siberia in the cold gloomy 90s. I attended an art school there for four years, before moving abroad and trying various possible career options. None of those attempts found much application in my life, so I (naturally) drifted back to drawing, which is when I realized that what I was actually looking for was a proper way of self-expression. In fact, I’ve come to think that this need lies at the core of human nature, and that it’s our right and duty to stand by it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like a common tendency among the masses.

I believe that the current capitalist system has imposed a great deal of pressure of conformity on people, so to have us all organized and under control. And that system would’ve been justifiable if it simply didn’t dehumanize us and didn’t devalue our natural aspirations and need for personal growth. I try to address this kind of issues in my paintings, as they’re the main moving force behind my urge for self-expression. In most of my paintings I aim to object to some of the commonly held false assumptions and, that way, to stress the need to bring back common sense and human individuality. I am in a constant search of clear and relevant ways of reflecting that in my work. My latest works, on the other hand, are more minimal and open for interpretation, without any clearly identifiable meaning.